Eagle Family Sponsors

Become an Eagle Family Sponsor Today!

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Are you pressed for time but you still want to help out your school?

The easiest, most direct way to help out our students is by becoming an Eagle Family Sponsor. The Eagle Family Sponsorship Program is the Summitt PTA’s annual no-hassle giving campaign.

Your tax-deductible $100 donation underwrites PTA fundraising efforts so that all incoming dollars go directly to our students. Family backing is instrumental in guaranteeing that the Summitt PTA can fully support our students during the 2018-19 school year. The PTA raises funds to bridge the gap between what AISD can provide and what our 21st century students need. This includes:

  • Funding for student field trips
  • Tutoring and educational materials for the classrooms
  • A Watch D.O.G.S. program, which increases fathers’ presence and involvement in school
  • Educational school-wide activities

Purchase an Eagle Family Sponsorship today or visit the Summitt Front Office to pay by check or cash.

For business and corporate sponsorship opportunities, please learn more about our Business Partners in Education sponsorship program.

Thank you to our 2018-19 Eagle Family Sponsors:

Cohen Family
Aldridge Family
Tang Family
Farnsworth Family
Fischer Family
Saldana Family
Tran Family
Roell Oshman Family
Hargraves/Hernandez Family
Carlson Family
Bryan/Dayton Family
Metzger Family
Branch Family
Kotwal Family
Weber Family
Berry Family
Truly Family
Palafox Family
Lynn Family
Dean Family
Davis Family
Reeve Family
DeJuana Family
Meyers Family
Winslow Family
Martin Family
Wright Family
Benavidez Family
Hedges Family
Ueber Family
Franke Family
Marchbanks Family
Levine Family
Figg Family
Roitberg Family
Synatschk Family
Luce Family
Benko Family
Leon Family
Riojas-Hall Family
Bachus Family
Chartier Family
Domzalski Family
Klundt Family
Hutchins Family
Muerer Family
Giani Family
Allen Family
Block-Chifu Family
Stuart Family
Guitrau Family
Scholtz Family
Dole Strippoli Family
Lovin Family
Tarbet Family
Mendenhall Family
Akinc Family
Ross-Fudge Family
Lazaro Family
Lee Family