Become an Eagle Family Sponsor Today!

Are you busy, but still want to help our Summitt Eagles?

The easiest, most direct way to help out our students is by becoming an Eagle Family Sponsor. The Eagle Family Sponsorship Program is the Summitt PTA’s annual, no-hassle giving campaign.

Your tax-deductible $100 donation underwrites PTA fundraising efforts so that all incoming dollars go directly to our students. Family backing is instrumental in guaranteeing that the Summitt PTA can fully support our students during the 2021-2022 school year. The PTA raises funds to bridge the gap between what AISD can provide and what our 21st century students need. This includes:

  • Funding for student field trips
  • Tutoring and educational materials for the classrooms
  • A Watch D.O.G.S. program, which increases fathers’ presence and involvement in school
  • Educational school-wide activities

Purchase an Eagle Family Sponsorship today.

For business and corporate sponsorship opportunities, please learn more about our Business Partners in Education sponsorship program. Be sure to also ask your employer if they are willing to match your donation.

Thank you to our 2020-21 Eagle Family Sponsors

The Aldridge Family
The Allen Family
The Benko Family
The Bereuter Family
The Bledsoe Family
The Branch Family
The Bronsons
The Bryan Family
The Davis Family
The Farnsworth Family
The Matthew Figg Family
The Fuller Family
The Greer Family
The Harnett Family
The Austin Hedges Family
The Helms Family
The Hornes
The Hubka Family
The Hutchins Family
The Kelly-Casey Family
The Klundt Family
The Lee Family
The Levine Family
The Luce Family
The Ozuna Family
The Scholtz Family
The Sutton Family
The Synatschk Family
The Tang Family
The Thai-Lazaro Family
The Trias Family
The Truly Family
The Watson Family
The Winslow Family