Art, Music and PE 2022-2023

Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade will attend PE every day for 45 minutes. Our PE staff consists of 2 coaches, Mr. Woodward and Ms. Romer, and 2 PE teaching assistants. Students need to wear closed-toed shoes to PE every day.

Your child will go to music one day a week, and art one day a week. Every other week your child will attend an additional music or art class. Our art teachers are Mr. Wood and Ms. Shoaf. Our music teachers are Ms. Harris and Mr. Stevens.

Music Class Recorder Instruction

Fourth and fifth graders will be learning to play the recorder in music class. The recorder is a simple flute-like instrument that helps students begin to learn to read music.

Each student will need to have their own instrument which can be purchased through the school for $5. They can also be purchased at any of the music stores in Austin or online. It is beneficial for students to have a recorder at school and one at home for practice.

FLEX World Language Program

The Anderson High School Vertical Team is home to the World Language Program, also known as our FLEX program. If your child is in grades 1-5, they will participate in one of our World Language Classes one day a week for 30 minutes. Each language teacher travels to students’ main classrooms for lessons.

1st grade – Spanish

2nd grade – French

3rd grade – German

4th grade – Chinese

5th grade – Latin