Frequently Asked Questions + Answers from Principal Greco

29 Aug

It’s a strange start to the school year and we know you have questions! Summitt parents have been posting them to this website for answers.

Some of the Questions Answered

  • Is asynchronous work required?. I am not sure my littles can work on a computer from 8am – 3pm
  • Will every student who wants to be on campus after 4 weeks of virtual learning be permitted to do so if AISD opens up for in-person learning? Or will the number be limited and how will those students be chosen?
  • Will teachers for upper grades still teach in teams or will one teacher provide all instruction for our student?
  • Are classrooms considering options for small group zoom meetings to complete work? It is sometimes intimidating for students to participate in remote large group zoom calls.

Read more questions and Principal Greco’s answers here: :