The Summitt Campus Advisory Council is comprised of teachers, parents, and community members. The goal of a CAC is to ensure that teachers, parents and community members have an active voice in local education matters by serving as an advisory council for our campus administrators. 

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Summitt CAC

If you would like to attend our CAC meeting as a guest, please send an email to the co-chairs ( with your name and email address by the Friday before that month’s meeting.

Next meeting: May 24

All CAC meetings will be held at 3:45pm via ZOOM. Upon return to campus meetings will take place in the library.


Citizen’s Communication

Citizens’ communications will be scheduled at or near the beginning of each meeting. This is a time for non-members to make comments to the CAC.  In order to ensure sufficient time to complete business, a maximum of 15 minutes will be provided for citizens’ communications; each limited to two minutes.

2020-2021 School Year CAC Meetings