Oct. 22 Newsletter – Fall Fest on Saturday, Red Ribbon Week, PE news

22 Oct

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Oct. 22, 2014 Newsletter

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Calendar of Events

Saturday, Oct. 25 – Marathon Kids Kick-off
Saturday, Oct. 25 – Fall Fest, 4-7 p.m.
Wednesday, Oct. 29 – Summitt Family Night, Catfish Parlour

Sunday, Nov. 2 – Daylight Savings Time, Fall Back
Thursday, Nov. 6 – Skate night
Monday, Nov. 10 – PTA board meeting
Tuesday, Nov. 11 – holiday, no school
Nov. 17-21 – Book Fair
Nov. 26-28 – Thanksgiving holiday, no school

Fall Fest is on Saturday!
– Fall Fest is this Saturday and there are still a few things to do to make it fun. Please sign up to volunteer. We need people to set up, break down and everything in between. Sign up online or on the Master Volunteer List in the Great Hall. It’s located under the left bulletin board when you come in the school entrance. Here is the link: – http://bit.ly/1pH0VzH. Remember, this is a great opportunity for older siblings to volunteer as well, so please have them sign up..

– We need soda and individual bags of chips donations. If you have not donated yet, please bring either chips or sodas to the Great Hall.

– If you have a long table or cooler to loan during our event, please email perezvrana@yahoo.com (mailto:perezvrana@yahoo.com) .

– Tickets on sale in Great Hall this week. It will be on sale before and after school. Tickets will be 4/$1 and can be purchased in $5 bundles.

– For all this and more information on family donors, please check out our Fall Fest site: https://summitteagles.org/events/fall-fest/

Red Ribbon Week
Our school will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week on October 27-31. We will be helping our students to make a commitment NOT to use drugs or alcohol. Each student will get a Red Ribbon to wear for the week that tells everyone they choose to say no to drugs and alcohol. Here are the themes for the week:

Monday 10/27 – Color War – We all may be different colors, but together we make a beautiful rainbow. Students wear the color associated with their grade level.
Pre K – Orange
Kinder – Red
1st – Blue
2nd – Green
3rd – Yellow
4th – Orange
5th – Red
Tuesday 10/28 – Sock-it To Me – Students wear crazy socks to school.
Wednesday 10/29 – Team Up Against Drugs – Students wear their favorite team or Summitt shirt
Thursday 10/30 – Too Smart to do Drugs – Students wear favorite University/College shirt
Friday 10/31 – Favorite book character – Students dress up as their favorite book character (Super hero, Thing 1 & Thing 2, Harry Potter) NO Masks, Props or accessories please. If you have any questions, please contact Tina Stogdill 512-414-4248.

PE News
– Thanks to all Summitt families who registered their students for Marathon Kids! We have 265 kids that registered and received running logs this year! I’ve had many students tell me that they’re almost done walking or running 26.2 miles!! Awesome!

– Don’t forget that this weekend is the Marathon Kids Kick-off at Mike Meyers Stadium @ The University of Texas!! It starts at 9 am 🙂 For more details visit… http://www.marathonkids.org (http://www.marathonkids.org/) ! We had a special guest from Marathon Kids join us at our Wednesday morning assembly 🙂

– We are getting ready to start our new unit. Our skill units this 9-weeks will include basketball, jump rope and rhythms. Students in 3rd grade will learn the Cotton-eyed-joe and 4th grade students will learn a folk dance called the Schottische. We are also going to learn some fun Halloween dances and practice our basketball dribbling and jump rope skills.

– Our two health topics this 9-weeks will include the dangers of smoking and skeletal system. We hope your children are enjoying PE at Summitt. Please check the calendar on our blog for upcoming events as well as meeting times for our 5th grade Fuel Up to Play 60 Team! www.summittelementarype.blogspot.com (http://www.summittelementarype.blogspot.com/)

Library News
– 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest – The Summitt Library is once again hosting a pumpkin carving contest. This is a chance to show your artistic and creative talents. This year’s theme is ADJECTIVES. Choose your favorite adjective–a word that describes –and somehow make your pumpkin demonstrate that word. What a great chance to get some nerdy -wordy discussions going in your home!

Pumpkins will be judged by students and staff based on whether the child’s effort is apparent, creativity, uniqueness, and theme. Pumpkins can be real or artificial. Pumpkins can be carved, painted, and/or adorned in any school appropriate way.

Pumpkins MUST be submitted to the library by Friday, October 24 at 3:30 pm. Prizes will be awarded for top 3 entries, and participation prizes for all who participate. Winners will be announced at Friday, October 31st, at morning assembly.

– Visiting author, Mark Tatulli – Just in time for Halloween, author and comic creator, Mark Tatulli, will be visiting with Summitt’s 2nd and 3rd graders on Thursday, October 30 at 8:30 am. Pre-sales of his latest book, Desmond Puckett and the Mountain Full of Monsters, will be available soon. Watch your Monday folder for the upcoming fliers. As always, parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

– Storybook Character Day – As part of our Red Ribbon Week, students will be allowed to dress up as their favorite storybook character on Halloween. Here’s the flyer (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2U9EyoinyBNTWdtaEh5NGZnNTRveDJNQ0otWk9TcGtlRnFF/view?usp=sharing) with more information.

Last year’s Yearbooks for sale
We have 8 yearbooks from last year (2013-2014) that are available for $15 exact cash only, we have no change. If you did not get a chance to purchase one last year please stop by the office.

Save the Date: Koblenz Holiday Bazaar
The Summitt-Koblenz Exchange program is hosting its fourth annual “Holiday Bazaar” craft and vendor event on Friday, December 5, from 6-9 p.m .Booth space is only $30 (if paid before November 21st; it’s $35 after November 21st). There will also be a Silent Auction! Booth and table rental benefits the Summitt-Koblenz Exchange program. We will advertise the event on the marquee, in the local newspaper, and with the neighborhood association. For more information please contact: heather.brannies@austinisd.org (mailto:heather.brannies@austinisd.org) , call or text 512-922-0306.

Austin ISD statement on Ebola virus
Austin ISD has released a statement about the Ebola virus. The statement is in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. The link to the statement is here (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2U9EyoinyBNc2JzcnJhV3BnNmV1eWVKdE5EbXdFdVZ4eDVR/view?usp=sharing) :

Parent Workshop
Austin Child Guidance Center is hosting a FREE Parent Workshop on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 from 6:00 to 7:30PM. The workshop is titled, “Gaining Cooperation: Helping Your Children Listen and Follow Directions.” This is a workshop for parents, and free childcare is provided at the center for children over 2.

Parenting with an attitude of confidence and respect models to our children that they are safe, loveable, capable people who are willing to do the responsible thing when they see a problem. Sometimes caregivers instinctively rely on commands, warnings, punishments or rewards to gain cooperation with children-which can work depending on the child, but it’s not effective with all children and these methods can corrode the relationship over time, resulting in power struggles and resentment in the relationship. This workshop will give parents strategies to gain cooperation with a wide range of personalities and builds on the unique strengths of each caregiver to connect with the child in a way that’s mutually beneficial. These strategies are suitable for working with children of all ages. Please go here
(http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ZhfqqLOs3_2QQSEelVEes7ECGRXyyZDlNK2fPSUNJmwngevOTTSt8xkY_vX1eK0c5OrIPNeny42PmLotluIrGWJdR-HMfuUSkC98TTmlOXSgONWZL0CjfeggXW2B9NbFCBxAl7XUDcUaS6nlb265Ri-vlsSAe5XWgSLgKwx_0l-bPf_7yf84J4S2UOo1BRC9_jin5scuLHY3bD1C_ycHhzPcPgsLnMkRn3afOO-Tz_iiGTXCIgX5RAI7h3EVzJadkNRS-POiViWLmEmAXhbCQHd_kh_WPcuPbfd5g3apm1PFlhHKfPdmLFiyRD3Ris6wOo4xl41Kx7J9hHnXu32sZy5jwIaoqqJBqod9snVx2keHaObU8g2PNCVMV9o1o5YfQqnNTWje0b3EDR5T1XbKp5k3gap5JZCBhPOfsB08Lud-MJyCYT85Jg==&c=zPWklg9GZMwMyyA9nx7xM5K0ClNMUrfyPDqbKAS_IkB3JXA0NbfasA==&ch=AkUUYaLk0Nhy2HTkMxIjOI-PB5oF7_JYfvqNU8VKeQozYoCUaTCYTA==) to register or call the center at 512-451-2242 for more information, ask for Mary Klingensmith.

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