Special Announcement – Fall Fest News

30 Sep

Tickets for Fall Fest on Sale Oct. 6

Look for the order form in your Monday folder. Tickets will be 4/$1 and available in $5 bundles. Just $15 buys one play of each game and attraction, and $10 can buy dinner for 4. Please return your order form to your teacher. We will send your tickets home the following week.

Volunteer Opportunities

Booth Assignments
The booth assignments will be out soon, so please check with your homeroom parent or teacher for the booth list. We will be posting a sheet on the classroom door for parents/older siblings to sign up for 30 minutes. Sign up early for your preferred time! If you cannot make it to the classroom to sign up, please email duckytran@hotmail.com and give us the timeframe you’d like to help out. Fall Fest is from 4-7 p.m. Thanks for your help in advance HOME ROOM PARENTS! Sign up online now.

Student volunteer hours
Fall Fest is a great opportunity for older siblings to get their volunteer hours. Please spread the word! We love to see NJHS, NHS, IB schools, Girls Scouts, etc. help out.
Fall Fest food/drink/candy donations

Food Donations Needed

Please help by donating the following items. Bring your donations to the Great Hall by Friday, October 17!

Daycare Families – 12-24 bottles of water (12 oz or 16 oz)
Pre-K Families – 12 to 24 count packs of Juice Boxes (100% juice)
Kindergarten Families – 2 Liter bottles of sodas (for Soda Toss game!) OR 2 lb Halloween candy (no chocolate or candy that melts)
1st Grade Families – 12 to 24 packs (12 oz cans) of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, or Dr. Pepper for Soda Toss game!
2nd Grade Families – tall cans of Pringles chips for the Pringles Toss Game!
3rd Grade Families – 2 lb Halloween candy, ie Smartees, Sweettarts, Lollipops, etc. (no chocolate or candy that melts)
4th Grade Families – 12 to 24 individual snack size bags of chips for the Food Court
5th Grade Families – tall cans of Pringles chips for the Pringles Toss Game!

Check out our website for all your Fall Fest news: https://summitteagles.org/events/fall-fest/

Become a Sponsor

We still need Fall Fest sponsors! Remember, your money provides those great air-conditioned buses for field trips, playground equipment and educational materials for the classrooms. Business owners, this is a great way to get the name of your business out there, and remember the donation is tax-deductible!

We’d like to give a huge THANK YOU to our Summitt Families who have already sponsored Fall Fest! And thank you to those who have sponsored FallFest for several years in a row. Our Summitt families have been very generous and supportive this year:

Jackson Hall – $250
ESP Spares (Baelen & Brad Sather) – 5 years in row $150
The Ueber Family – 2 years in a row $150
The Ford Family – 3 years in a row $100
The Dean Family – 2 years in a row $100
The Maxfield Family – $100
The Chomel Family, Chomel Originals – 2 years in a row $50
The Martin Family – $50
The Fannin Family – $50
The Bereuter Family – $50
Chris, Brianne, and Betty Lovin – $50
5 Star Auto – $50
Mark and Angela Gooden – $50

If you want to help out with Fall Fest and Summitt, but do not have the time, this is your opportunity to assist by donating money. Also, 100% of your donation benefits your children! Email lisawolf@gmail.com for more information.